About Adele

Born and raised in Wellington, I now call Hamilton my home. That being said, my bones are from Northern Ireland and I look forward to someday visiting the country my Great Nan emigrated from in 1926.

I’m Adele Arleith, owner of Empowering You Counselling. My surname means “unique” and I proudly carry this name, as well as finding joy in discovering the uniqueness of each person that walks through my door. I have been a practicing counsellor since late 2015 and have developed a passion for working with people of all ages who are facing challenges that hold them back from living their best life, particularly those with neurodevelopmental diagnoses such as Autism and ADHD.

I have a Bachelor of Counselling and a Master of Professional Practice with an endorsement in Counselling. My master’s thesis focused on working therapeutically with young people who have neurodevelopmental diagnoses. I am a full registered member of the New Zealand Christian Counsellors Association, and I follow the NZCCA Code of Ethics.  

On a personal level I am a wife, whangai mother, flatmate, friend, and mother to fur babies (cats presently but looking to add more to the household). In my spare time I enjoy photography, painting, scrapbooking, and relaxing with one or two close friends.

There are several areas of my practice that are fairly unique: 

  • Neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism, ADHD, and dyslexia, can present various challenges at different life stages. It is important for me to be creative in my work with individuals who face these challenges, and to include key members of their support network wherever possible.
  • Having lived experience in queer and kink communities, and familiarity with various forms of polyamory, I love providing a safe place for those who can often be marginalised or misunderstood to be supported while they process and heal. 
  • Having over four years experience working with people who had engaged in concerning or harmful sexual behaviours, as well as my aforementioned life experiences, there is very little that can unsettle me. If shame is holding you back from seeking help, please know that you will never be judged in my counselling room. 
  • My personal Christian faith provides a foundation for my work as I believe God created all people for a reason, therefore regardless of any past choices made, or how they have been treated, everyone holds value in my eyes – I hold hope for everyone that I work with. That being said, I have successfully worked with clients from a range of faith backgrounds as I view counselling as a place for us to collaboratively explore your worldview, your goals, and how we can work together toward your dreams.